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Halton Hills Housing Update Ep. 129

Tuesday Aug 2nd, 2022


We have July's unofficial numbers but because of the long weekend, I think a few sales may still trickle in. Let's look at July and what happened last week. Taking a look at July of 2021, we sold 93 units and our average price was 1,000,079. I honestly thought we would be behind last year when I looked at this July's numbers, but we're actually up from last year, and we're up from June. In July of 2022, we sold 52 units, which is really bad. It's down 44% since last... [read more]

Halton Hills Housing Update Ep. 130

Tuesday Aug 9th, 2022


I feel like I have a positive update this week, especially with where inventory went, so let's dive right in. In Georgetown this week, we had nine sales, which is pretty even with what we've been seeing on a weekly basis the last few weeks. We did have nine new listings, so even listings to sales, but what we saw this week was a lot of properties coming off of the market for whatever reason. They're kind of abandoning ship here on this market. Inventories actually down this week... [read more]

Halton Hills Housing Update - Ep. 128

Tuesday Jul 26th, 2022


We had a terrible week with numbers, so we're gonna just take a look at this. In Georgetown this week, we only had six sales. That is a horrific number for Georgetown. The last time we had six sales was the last week of December, and we only had 12 available listings in Georgetown. There was basically nothing to buy, which is why sales were so low. Now we have 125 listings in Georgetown, so 10 times the amount of inventory. There's tons for people to buy, but they're not buying... [read more]

Halton Hills Housing Update - Ep. 127

Tuesday Jul 12th, 2022


Not a great update this week. I was sort of in a promising state last week where I was hoping that we were seeing the start of inventory coming down, but that was not the case. Looking at the numbers, Georgetown this week only had nine sales, which is pretty low. Seeing under that 10 number is always not great. We had 21 new listings, so again, this is the big problem. Last week, it was so quiet, and I think it was just that last-week-of-summer situation that we were in. Interesting in terms of... [read more]

Halton Hills Housing Update - Ep. 126

Tuesday Jul 5th, 2022


This week I have June's not great numbers to report as well as an interesting week in our sales, so let's take a look at the numbers. In June of 2021, we were in a very busy market. At that time, we sold 106 units. This past June we are down 28% to only 77 units. Why this is important and is showing what's going on in our market is based around active inventory. In June of 2021, we were sitting between 70 and 80 active units in all of Halton Hills in that month. It's... [read more]